KY-F1 Nozzle Cleaning Robot

100% elimination of defective nozzles on the use of the machine, to protect the quality and improve efficiency.


  • No need to manually remove the nozzles from the nozzle station, clean them, and then put them back into the nozzle station after cleaning.
  • There is no need for manual visual inspection of the nozzle status or to start production before realizing that a nozzle is defective.
  • Defective nozzles are categorized according to the cause of the defect, allowing for traceable disposal.
  • Automatically generate cleaning operation reports to audit the fulfillment of required cleaning intervals.
  • MES interconnection enables nozzle inventory management and facilitates the tracking of each nozzle’s status.
Item KY-F1
Object: Pick and place machine FUJI NXT&AIM Series Nozzles NXT series、AIMEX series
Machine size W*D*H(mm) 455x1000x1420
Stations H08/12 series, H24 series Install the nozzle placement table to the machine as it is
Applicable Nozzles Special nozzles are for cleaning, 2D inspection H24、H08/12 series
Nozzle Diameter Large diameter nozzles are for cleaning, 2D inspection Standard nozzles φ0.2 to φ3.7
Nozzle Tray Tray for cleaning Tray for storage box H08/12 series
Cleaning: 45/pallet Storage box 54/pallet
Cleaning: 63/pallet Storage trays 71/pallet
Installation quantity of nozzle placement table Maximum number of nozzle holders 3 nozzle holders (cannot be used with different types of mixed loads)
Nozzle storage box Automatic line change with main unit linkage Up to 19 nozzle holders can be stored on the H08/12 series and H24.
Pickup Department Composition Composed of X, Y, Z, and Q axes and nozzle checking.
Identification method Positioning point camera for NXT
Cleaning Department Composition Y-axis
Cleaning method Cleaning by high-pressure washing
Cleaning fluid Circulation method container capacity Industrial distilled water 6L
Front-end image processing check Identification method OFC Light Source Retrofit Cameras
Slide resistance inspection Identification method Force Sensor
Inspection qualification method 2D code reading Determining the feasibility of camera and image processing by using a position camera
Nozzle clogged Measurement of negative pressure flow using two types of flow meters for large and small diameters
Dirt/chips on the front part Image processing of suction nozzle front end
Movement resistance Measurement of load using force sensor
Air source Supply air pressure 0.35~0.5MPa
Consumption flow rate 46L/min
power supply Supply power 220V, single phase
Cycle time Correlation Suction nozzle with or without confirmation / 2D inspection 76s
Nozzle transfer Transfer of 63 sticks 137s
Nozzle Cleaning Cleaning of 63 roots 124s
Inspection and transfer 63 check and return 1098s

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