KY-6000 Online PCBA Water Cleaning Machine

Machine size 5500(L)*1550(W)*1620(H)mm
Capacity 25㎡ /h
Working size Min:50mm*50mm, Max:450mm*100mm(Fixture fixture)
Thickness:0.1-4mm, L:∞
Working speed 0.1-1.5m/min (adjustable), advice to 0.3-0.4m/min

Mainly used in military, aviation, aerospace electronics, medical, automotive new energy, automotive power supply board single-sided solder joints, coated products and high-end precision products, multi-species, high-volume PCBA board cleaning, can effectively clean DIP / THT PCBA soldering surface residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux, no-clean flux / solder paste and other organic, inorganic pollutants.

  1. Visualization of the whole process: the cleaning room is equipped with visualization window, the cleaning process can be seen at a glance, fully automatic mode: automatic cleaning, rinsing, drying the whole process in a cleaning room by spraying.
  2. The most scientific nozzle design (patent): the use of left and right incremental distribution – to enhance cleaning efficiency, up and down staggered distribution – to completely solve the cleaning blind area.
  3. Nozzle adjustable design: small size PCBA in the cleaning by high pressure spraying conditions of the collision, splash problem, the tank heating system: greatly enhance the cleaning efficiency. Shorten the cleaning time.
  4. comprehensive cleaning system: compatible with the operation of water washing or chemical cleaning, for the surface residual water-soluble flux, solder paste and other organic, inorganic pollutants for thorough and effective cleaning.
  5. equipment configuration, the body of the village quality: cleaning 3 + rinsing 4 + air knife cutting water + ultra-long infrared hot air circulation drying section.
  6. The overall 304 stainless steel body, resistant to acid, alkaline and other cleaning solutions.
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