KY-510 Manual PCB Cutting Machine

Machine size 820mm(L)*390(W)mm*360(H)mm
Slitting thickness 0.5-3.5mm
Plate feeding speed 0-400mm/s
Tool material SKD61 high speed steel
Power supply Manual
Machine weight 40KG

1. The PCB does not move during the cutting process and the circular knife slides to ensure that the electronic components of the substrate are not damaged by the movement.
2. Round knife sliding speed can be manually adjusted.
3. Because of the force V slot depth tool loss, the distance between the upper round knife and the lower straight knife can be accurately adjusted.
4. It can solve the parts across the V slot to achieve the separation of the board.
5. The internal stress generated when cutting the board is reduced to a minimum and avoid tin cracking.
6. The length of PCB can be divided up to 360mm.

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