KY-720 Three-knife Manual PCB Cutting Machine

LED PCB Cutting Machine Specifications

      Item KY-720-120/KY-720-240
Machine size 1200*360*380MM  /  2400*360*380MM
Maximum slitting length Unrestricted
Slitting speed 80, 120, 200, 400mm/s
Power 40W
Tool material SKD61 high speed steel
Slitting board thickness 0.2-5mm
Machine weight 1.2M(39KG)/2.4M(48KG)
Power supply 230V/50Hz(110V/60Hz)

LED PCB Cutting Machine Technical features
Using a unique cutting method, circuit board cutting is completed by six blades, the upper and lower two as a group, forming a cutting unit. Separately, A, B, C, three groups. The entire cutting process is divided into three stages, the A group of blades first cut the circuit board 40%, followed by the B group of blades again from the A blade cut through the slot to run over, again to complete 40% of the cutting volume, and finally by the C group of blades to cut the last 20% and trim the light, due to the small amount of each cut, so the stress generated during the cutting process than the traditional way to cut off more than 80%. The edges of the cut board are smooth, the board surface is very flat, not twisted and not warped. It is the only machine on the market that can guarantee no deformation of the aluminum substrate after cutting

1.Due to multiple cutting, the cutting process is very smooth, greatly improving the positioning ability of the V-CUT slot, even if the V-CUT slot is very shallow circuit boards, there will be no V-CUT slot from the guide knife jump out of the situation to avoid defective products.
2.All cutting blades are calibrated using an excitation dual-frequency laser interferometer to ensure that the back knife can continue cutting accurately in the slot cut by the front knife. Knife tip runout is not more than 0.02mm , to ensure perfect cutting quality.

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