KY-700S Water-Based Rotary Spray Cleaning Machine

Machine size 1750mm(L)×1500mm(W)×1870mm(H)
Clean roating basket size Ø1000mm ×550mm(H)
Maximum cleaning size Ø1000mm ×520mm(H)
Cleaning size range setting: 400—550mm

Cleaning of SMT and DIP fixtures, cleaning of scrapers and condensers, cleaning of external surfaces of all kinds of workpieces, cleaning of all kinds of hardware parts after machining, cleaning of parts after equipment disassembly, cleaning of automobile parts, surfaces of various shells, boxes and other surfaces and residual dirt on hole walls.

1.1 M diameter disc Cleaning mode: In the operation of the equipment, the workpiece is rotated in the cleaning basket with the cleaning basket, while the spraying system high pressure                   spraying heated cleaning liquid, can make the workpiece all-round automatic cleaning, rinsing, drying the whole process.

  1. Visualization of the whole process: visualization window and LED light device, cleaning process can be seen at a glance.
  2. The most scientific nozzle design upper, lower and side distribution – completely solve the cleaning blind area, the upper spraying arm can be adjusted in height.
  3. Nozzle pressure can be adjusted: to solve the problem of collision and splash under the conditions of spraying in the cleaning of small workpiece size.
  4. out and in windows installed on the shooting grating to protect personal safety, tempered glass doors automatically run up and down.
  5. diluted liquid tank \ rinsing water tank with heating system, compatible with the operation of water washing or chemical cleaning thoroughly.
  6. The body of the village quality: the overall stainless steel body, resistant to acid, alkaline and other cleaning solutions.
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