KY-800 Online PCB Cutting Machine

KY-800 Online PCB Cutting Machine It is a high-performance, high-precision and high-efficiency board separation equipment. The equipment has full visual display function, automatic recognition of image mark point alignment, moving trajectory position display tracking, automatic tool change, broken tool detection, tool slip detection and tool height automatic correction function. The milling cutter can realize automatic segmented sinking function during cutting. Parameters such as production output statistics can be set. Automatic feeding and unloading can effectively improve production quality and save labor costs.

Model KY-800
Effective cutting size 300*350MM
Cutting function Straight line, point, L-shape, arc and circle, etc.
Processing table Double table
Cutting accuracy ±0.05MM
Machine repeatability ±0.01MM
Maximum moving speed X, Y1, Y2 axis: 1000mm/s, Z axis 800mm/s
Spindle brand NSK spindle
Tool change mode Automatic tool change
Spindle speed MAX: 60000rpm
Tool monitoring Automatic tool sinking, tool breakage and tool sliding, automatic tool height correction function
Cutting speed 5~100mm/s adjustable
PCB cutting thickness 0.3-3.0MM
Program teaching method Whole board puzzle, picture drawing line teaching
Control method PC precision multi-axis control system System
Motor shaft drive method PanasonicA6 series servo drive
Applicable milling cutter size 0.8~3.0MM
Classic elimination High frequency ion nozzle
Screw guide rail Taiwan TBI/Hiwin
Guide rail width adjustment Automatic track adjustment
Board feed direction Left in and right out
Host control Industrial control computer host
Host power specification AC220V 50/60HZ single phase
Cutting host size L*W*H(1750mm*1340mm*1587mm)
Cutting host weight 900kg
Dust collector power 3HP
Dust collector power specification AC380V three phase
Dust collector size L*W*H(665mm*635mm*1610mm)
Dust collector weight 155kg
Dust collection method Lower dust collection/upper dust collection (optional)

1.Panoramic real-object picture display, accurate and fast positioning of MARK points and cutting lines

2Using the image teaching method, you only need to determine the start and end points in the picture to complete the editing of the cutting line. There is no need to move the XY axis to find points one by one to confirm, making your programming faster and smarter.

3Can perform automatic tool change, tool breakage detection, and tool height automatic correction functions

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