KY-620 Smashing knife type board splitter

Smashing knife type board splitter adopts the latest gas-electric lightweight design, which can complete the cutting stroke without shear stress in one time. It is especially suitable for cutting precision SMD or thin plates. There are no bow waves (BOW WAVES) and micro cracks (BOW WAVES) and micro cracks ( MICRO CRACK) uses a wedge-shaped tool to linearly separate boards, minimizing shear stress, so that sensitive SMD components and even capacitors are not affected, and potential product quality risks are minimized. The tool is made of high-speed steel precision grinding, which can be repeatedly ground and used. It is also suitable for thin plate depaneling operations without V-CUT.


KY-620 Smashing knife type board splitter Specifications

Item KY-620
Cut PCB Size: 0-360mm
Upper straight knife diameter: 360mm
Lower straight knife diameter: 360mm
Pcb material:| FR4/Aluminum plate
Electronic component height: Component side/soldering side max. 25 mm
Panel thickness: 0.2-5.0mm
working pressure: 0.50-0.70Mpa
Tool material: SKD61 high speed steel
Power Supply: 230V/110V,50HZ/60HZ,40W
Machine size:(Does not include base) 700mm*270mm*460mm
Machine weight: 136KG

KY-620 Smashing knife type board splitter Technical features
1.Double straight knife slitting, especially suitable for cutting precision SMD thin plates and aluminum circuit boards
2. Knife type work, suitable for PCBs of various thicknesses, with a cutting stroke of 1-2 mm or less, without any operational safety concerns.
3.Reduce the internal stress generated during plate cutting to below 180μE to avoid tin cracking and damage to precision parts.
4.The width between the edge of the separable V-groove and the part is at most 0.3mm, and the height is 25mm.
5. The cutting rate is 1 second/1 division, controlled by a pedal pneumatic switch.
6. The cutting knife set is passively started, which can safely grasp the cutting line and position; Low cutting stress, not easy to form cracks.
7. Non roller (wheel knife, knife walking) cutting, no dust, no motor drive, no carbon powder pollution.
8. The blade is guaranteed to be used for 6000000 times without power supply, so there is no electrical product loss and replacement.
9. Use 5-7KG air pressure without specific cutting site; Wipe the appearance with rust preventive maintenance oil.
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