KY-636-360 Blade rolling type board splitter

KY-636-360 Blade rolling type board splitter cut pcb size : 0-356MM
The cutting machine adopts the method of upper circular knife and lower flat knife. The board is placed on the lower flat knife. Once the switch is stepped on, the upper circular knife moves laterally to the set fixed point, which will cut off the PCB board. The cutting will not take off the wire and the cut will be smooth. No burrs

KY-636-360 Blade rolling type board splitter   for fast, cost-effective and low-stress cutting

Item KY-636-360
Cut PCB Size: 0-356mm
Upper circular knife diameter: 125mm
Lower straight knife diameter: 360mm
Pcb material:| FR4/Aluminum plate
Electronic component height: Component side/soldering side max. 34 mm
Panel thickness: 0.2-5.0mm
Feeding speed: 300-500mm/s:
Tool material: SKD61 high speed steel
Power Supply: 230V/110V,50HZ/60HZ,40W
Machine size: 610mm*340mm*380mm
Machine weight: 36KG

Blade rolling type board splitter

1. Completely independent development, the use of microcomputer program control, fixed point precision, stability. A knife cut 0-356MM long single board.
2. Cutting board knife speed adjustable high, low two, speed 500mm / S and 300mm / S, knife speed, can improve product quality, no burr, no burr.
3. Tool wheel travel: 0-360mm (tool length can be customized). Knife wheel height adjustment: 0-2mm to apply to a variety of PCB board thickness, to solve the PCB board V-CUT slot depth problem. The height of the operating table can be adjusted: 0-50mm.
4. The knife travel can be set with the length of the board forward to stop the fixed point, stopping the fixed point for manual setting.

A. Cost efficiency
1. “V” groove guide device can be adjusted vertically, faster and more stable to adapt to different thickness of the substrate, increasing the use of the range.
2. Cutter can be resharpened and reused for many times, reducing costs.

B. Safety design aspects
1. Both sides of the round knife are equipped with knife guards to achieve no cut on hands when feeding materials.
2. Mode switch is a system switch. It is divided into work is always foot pedal or point action, in the choice of always foot pedal mode work when not to go to the set stroke will flashing light alarm, must cancel the alarm in continue to work.

C. Stability performance
The blade parts are made of SKD61 high-speed steel, wear-resistant, durable, and guaranteed for one year.

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