KY-1000 Water-Based Sencil Cleaning Machine

Machine Size 1700mm(L) ×1200mm(W) × 2060mm(H)
Applicable stencil size 750(L)×750(W)×340mm(H) [Large size can be customized]
Maximum area of liquid tank 60 L*2PCS (Man)
Cleaning time 1-3 min (solder paste)
  1. Rapid & super cleaning effect:

SMT stencil, copper mesh, adhesive mesh, SOP printing stencil, screen printing jig, PCB misprint board and PCBA board, can quickly and effectively clean the surface after printing to residual solder paste, red glue and other pollution.

  1. Standard water-based automatic cleaning mode:

In a cleaning room to complete the cleaning, rinsing, drying all cleaning processes, small size, compact structure.

  1. Visualization of the whole process:

The cleaning room is equipped with visualization window, so that the cleaning process can be seen at a glance.

  1. Nozzle pressure adjustable and symmetrical design:

Solve the problem of tension of SMT/ SOP stencil in the cleaning process by high pressure spraying conditions.

  1. Standard cleaning solution tank heating system:

Water-based process on the need for heating emulsification, greatly enhance the cleaning efficiency and shorten the cleaning time.

  1. Low operating costs:

Built-in filtration device can realize the solvent recycling, extend the pollutant load saturation time, at the end of the cleaning using compressed air to recover the residual chemical liquid in the pipeline and pump way, can effectively save 50% cleaning agent.

  1. Cleaning oversized stencil (750mm * 750mm)

High pressure fan + four wind knife wind cutting and drying: 7.5HP high pressure fan, higher efficiency (3 ~ 5 minutes), more thorough.

  1. Full Chinese large touch screen operation interface:

Using stable and reliable imported brand color touch screen, for: solvent temperature, cleaning time, rinsing times / time, rinsing temperature, drying time, drying temperature, conductivity monitoring parameters, etc.

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