KY-600L Solder Paste Mixer

Machine Size L400mm *W400mm * H450mm
Fixture function General purpose fixture, tank diameter ฯ†50-ฯ†67 Standard equipment
Working ability 500G/can mix two cans of solder paste at the same time

Time Setting

Digital control, automatic memory for power failure

1.The operation of KY-600L solder paste mixer is very simple and easy. Just put the solder paste can on the universal jig, set the stirring time and then press the start button, the machine will stop automatically when the stirring is finished.
2.Strong stirring ability, easy to take and put the solder paste cans, 45 degrees placed in the direction of the axis of rotation, the solder paste will not stick to the lid, stirring principle is based on the motor rotation and rotation of the stirring mode
3.The solder paste cans are placed at an angle to allow for fuller mixing and also have the effect of eliminating air bubbles.
4.Microcomputer digital control, easy to operate, with manual speed control function, speed digital display, convenient operation to adjust the speed.
5.Multiple safety protection security design, door lock, micro switch can ensure personal safety.
6.Sealed bearings, no need for frequent lubrication and maintenance.
7.KY-600L solder paste mixer has Interlock safety lock device on the top cover after starting operation.

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