KY-550 Particle Cleaning Machine

Machine size 1050mm(L)*900mm(W)*1900mm(H)
Cleaning disk specifications Cleaning tray diameter <550mm (can be customized)
Cleaning method Twofluid cleaning
Rying method High speed centriugal drying

Mainly used for high-end camera head module dust cleaning.

  1. Used in camera products, such as wafer, CMOS, Holder and other surface micro-dust cleaning.
  2. The equipment adopts two-fluid cleaning, high cleaning precision, zero damage to the product, and minimal pure water consumption
  3. Rotating spray bar to avoid secondary contamination of products.
  4. High-speed centrifugal design, the speed can be adjusted 100-1500R/Min.
  5. Equipped with electrostatic elimination device and cavity wall heating device to assist cleaning to achieve the best results.
  6. equipped with 2-stage air filtration system, compressed air meets ISO8573.1 standard.
  7. Space-saving design with reduced width, reducing the occupied area of clean room.
  8. Stainless steel body, acid and alkali resistant, no pollution to the working environment.
  9. Mirror surface housing, equipment maintenance, easy to clean.
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