KY-50 Automatic Nozzle Cleaning Machine

Machine Size 600(L)*550(W)*640(H)mm
Machine weight About 60KG
Cleaning fluid Industrial deionized water
Water storage tank capacity 1000cc

Mainly used in SMT workshop placement machine, the Suction nozzle cleaning.

  1. Automatic cleaning mode: automatic cleaning and drying of the whole process.
  2. Full process visualization: the cleaning room is equipped with visualization window, cleaning process can be seen at a glance.
  3. The most scientific nozzle design (patent): nozzle height adjustable, enhance cleaning efficiency, nozzle can be removed.
  4. adjustable nozzle pressure: solves the problem of collision and splash in the cleaning of small nozzles under high pressure spraying conditions.
  5. 40PCS nozzles can be placed at a time, each cleaning 4PCS, using deionized or pure water water cleaning, no need to buy liquid.
  6. The body of the village quality: the overall 304 stainless steel body, acid, alkaline and other cleaning solutions.
  7. replaceable modular controller and quick plug-in design, easy maintenance and operation.
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