KY-60 Automatic Nozzle Cleaning and Detection Intergrated Machine

Machine size 980mm(L)*900mm(W)*1650mm(H)
Air source Pure compressed air
Liquid type Industrial pure water
Nozzle tray specifications 60 Nozzles

Mainly used in SMT workshop placement machine precision complex suction nozzle and high requirements suction nozzle angle cleaning.

  1. Cleaning mode: ultrasonic cleaning – spraying front cleaning – spraying reverse cleaning – drying the whole process automatically completed.
  2. Inspection mode: X/Y/Z-axis joint automatic operation, CCD visual inspection: cleanliness, nozzle damage, deformation, etc.
  3. Visualization of the whole process: cleaning room and inspection room are equipped with visualization windows, so that the process can be seen at a glance.
  4. The most scientific nozzle design (patent): nozzle height adjustable, enhance cleaning efficiency, nozzle can be removed.
  5. adjustable nozzle pressure: solves the problem of collision and splash in the cleaning of small nozzles under high-pressure spraying conditions.
  6. 60PCS multi-species nozzles can be cleaned simultaneously at one time, using deionized or pure water water cleaning, no need to buy liquid.
  7. body village quality: overall stainless steel body, resistant to acid, alkaline and other cleaning liquids.
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