KY-750 Fully Pneumatic Stencil Cleaning Machine

Machine size 1100(L) × 820(W) × 1700mm(H)
Applicable stencil size 750(L) × 750(W) × 40mm(H) (Oversize to order)
Maximum volume of liquid tank 42L(Man)
Optimal volume of liquid use 22~35 liters
Cleaning method 360°rotary liquid spray cleaning and compressed air drying

Suitable for the cleaning of various types of stencils such as stencil, copper stencil, microporous stencil and wafer plate.

The same applies to the cleaning of circuit boards, jigs, squeegees and other similar products and appliances.

  1. All stainless steel body, beautiful, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, in line with environmental requirements and standards.
  2. Full pneumatic operation, no electricity, no fire and other safety hazards, has passed the EU safety certification.
  3. High-density equal-pressure double-sided rotary cleaning nozzle: strong cleaning power and will not damage the tension of the stencil.
  4. three-stage five-layer filtration system, low exhaust duct design: solvent recycling, low liquid consumption.
  5. Humanized design: one-touch operation and automatic liquid addition and removal function, very easy to operate.
  6. System integration of global high-quality devices: to ensure good quality, stable performance and long service life.
  7. Replaceable modular controller and quick plug-in design, easy maintenance and operation.
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