KY-650 Wafer Cleaning Machine

Mainly used for cleaning of high-end wafer dust, as follows

Wafer Cleaning Machine

Mainly used for cleaning of high-end wafer dust, as follows.

Item KY-650
Machine size 700mm(L)*650mm(W)*1100mm(H)
Cleaning Tray Specifications 4-12 inches(optional)
Cleaning tray size Can be customized
Pure water inlet diameter Outside diameter 8mm pure water hosel
Discharge diameter 3/4 hose
Air inlet diameter PU 8mm trachea
Exhaust port diameter 1.5″
Power supply AC220V  50HZ:5A
Power Rated power:1.5KW,Total power:2KW
Power consumption When cleaning:15kw/h,  Standbytime:0.5kw/h
Air supply 0.45-0.7Mpa,
DI water supply >0.35Mpa
Centrifugal speed 0-2500R/Min
Drive horsepower 1HP
Pure water consumption 0-1000ML/Min
Gas consumption 200-500L/Min
Air filtration method 0.01μ m
Machine weight About 180KG

Wafer Cleaning Machine

  1. Used in Wafer, CMOS-body, substrate, CCD case dust, impurities. Holder, Holder + IR, Lens, VCM and other removal operations.
  2. replaceable cleaning suction cups, can use 4-12 inches of cleaning suction cups.
  3. operating procedures can be prepared and adjusted according to operational needs, the equipment running process, cleaning time and the parameters can be prepared by themselves.
  4. online real-time monitoring of equipment operating status and parameters, automatic door with safety grating to ensure operational safety.
  5. Adopt vacuum adsorption cleaning plate, the wafer jig is safer and more convenient to take and put.
  6. swing-arm cleaning, cleaning range can be prepared, wide range of application, no cleaning blind area, no secondary pollution, better cleaning effect.
  7. High-speed centrifugal design, speed can be adjusted 100-2000R/Min.
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