KY-360A Double Platform Curve Cutting Machine

Double Platform Curve Cutting Machine
The dual-table working method enables uninterrupted work and maximizes machine productivity.
The entire series is equipped with a safety grating as standard to ensure the safety of the operator when picking and placing boards, and with a special depaneling jig, it can reduce the time of picking and placing PCB boards.

Item KY-360A
Effective cutting size 340*360MM
Cutting function Straight line, point, arc and circle, etc.
Machining table Double table surface
Cutting accuracy ±0.05 MM
Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.01 MM
Maximum travel speed X,Y1,Y2 axis: 100mm/s, Z axis 800mm/s
Tool change mode Support automatic tool change
Spindle speed MAX:60000rpm
Tool monitoring Self-determined tool sinking, tool breakage and tool slip detection
Cutting speed 5-100mm/s (adjustable)
PCB cutting thickness 0.3-3.0MM
Program teaching method Whole board puzzle, picture drawing line demonstration
Control method PC precision 4-axis control system
X,Y1,Y2,Z axis drive method Panasonic A6 series servo drive
Applicable milling cutter size 0.8-3.0MM
Main machine power supply specification AC220V 50/60HZ single-phase
Machine size L*W*H(1180mm*1180mm*1350mm)
Machine weight 800KG
Dust collector power 3HP
Dust collector power specification AC380V three phase

Double Platform Curve Cutting Machine
The software interface is a Chinese/English operation interface (switchable), which is simple and easy to learn.

The whole board photo programming is performed through a German high-speed camera, which completely subverts the traditional programming model and greatly reduces the program editing and debugging time!

  •  You can quickly reach the Mark point of learning and programming.
  • You can quickly reach the designated area for programming.
  •  When the programming line is wrong, it can be quickly displayed through the physical diagram.
  •  Quickly distinguish the machine working steps through the red and yellow colors in the physical picture display.
    High-definition display of real-time cutting data images to facilitate technician debugging.

Can perform functions such as automatic tool change, tool breakage detection, tool height correction, etc.
Curve splitting machine    

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