KY-350 Lead-Free Hot Air Wave Soldering Machine

KY-350 Lead-Free Hot Air Wave Soldering Machine is a wave soldering machine designed for PCB widths below 350mm. The length of the preheating zone can be selected from 1600/1800mm. The soldering furnace material can also be selected from different materials.

350 Lead-Free Hot Air Wave Soldering Machine

Model KY-350C KY-350CL
Dimensions L3900×W1450×H1750mm L4300×W1450×H1750mm
Rack size L3200×W1400×H1750mm L3600×W1400×H1750mm
Weight Approx:1600kg Approx:1800kg
Total power 24KW 25KW
Operating power 4.5KW 5KW
Control method Computer+PLC contro
Power supply AC380V   50HZ
Spray system
Drive mode Stepping moto
Spray pressure 0.3-0.5MPa
Nozzle deaning Auto Wash
Fux Flow Contro 0-100ml adjustable
Flux addition Auto/Manua
Exhaust pipe 200mm in diameter
Ventilation method Up Exhaus
Preheating system
Preheating method Hot air or IR tube
Number of preheating zones 3
Preheating zone length 1600mm 1800mm
Pre-heat temperature Room temperature~250C
Preheating time Approx.15min
Transportation System
PCB width 50-350mm
PCB transport direction L-R left to right (right to left is possible)
Transport speed 0-2000mm/min
Transport height 750±20mm Top   120mm  Bottom   12mm
PCB component height
Speed control Frequency Variable frequency speed control
Titanium claw Quick-Change Finger /heavy claw
Rail angle 3°-7°
Tin fumace system
Wave mode Motor Drive
Tin fumace material SUS/Titanium/nodular cast iron
Tin fumace heating method External heating
Tin fumace power 13.5kw
Stove temperature Maximum 35℃
Tn fumace capacity 350-400Kg
Peak motor power 1/2HPx2    3P220VAC
Tin fumace melting time APPROX:120min
Cooling system
Cooling method Forced air
Wash claws Auto

350 Lead-Free Hot Air Wave Soldering Machine

1. Appearance design: novel, using plastic spraying process without paint falling off, durable.
2. Hot air preheating: no blind hot air preheating area, efficient heat conduction; thick insulation layer, energy saving
3. Alloy chain claw: high strength and long life.
4. Adjustable nozzle design: the wave crest can be adjusted with the width of the PCB board, which greatly reduces the amount of tin oxidation when welding small PCB boards.
5. Transmission mechanism: adopts precise modular design, accurate transmission, long life and easy maintenance.
6. Transportation system: closed-loop control. Stepless speed regulation, precise control of PCB preheating and welding time.
7. Heating system: temperature adopts PID closed-loop control, and temperature control is stable and reliable.
8. Flux spray device: stepper motor closed-loop automatic tracking spray system, spray width and spray time are automatically adjusted, and the spray time can be set in advance and extended as needed; isolated design, can be pulled out and disassembled, easy to clean and maintain;
9. Control system: intelligent control program, using brand electrical appliances to ensure stable operation of the equipment.
10. Human-machine interface: Use independent brand computers to ensure system reliability and stability.
11. Automatic power on and off: It can be operated according to the date, time and temperature control parameters set by the user.
12. Fault prompt: System fault self-diagnosis, automatic display of causes, and troubleshooting methods can be queried at any time.
13. Economic operation: Automatically spray flux on the board and automatically start the wave peak to minimize the use of flux and the amount of tin oxidation.
14. Protection system: Short circuit and overcurrent protection, which protects the key electrical components of the equipment.



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