long-leg Wave Soldering Machine

long-leg Wave soldering Machine for PCBA soldering design of long-leg components,High peak wave soldering can seamlessly connect the front-end plug-in line and the back-end lead cutting machine to form an entire automated production line

long leg Wave Soldering Machine

Model KY-200MC KY-250MC
Rack size L1450×W1050×H1400mm L1650×W1100×H1400mm
Dimensions L2150×W1100×H1450mm L2350×W1150×H1450mm
track width adjustable Max.50-200mm Max.50-250mm
PCB board transportation height 750±20mm
PCB board transportation speed 0-1800mm/min
PCB board welding angle 0-3°
PCB board transportation direction L→R/R→L(optional)
Component height  limit on
PCB board
Peak height range 0-20mm Adjustable
Component foot length 35MM/MAX
Number of peaks 1(Customizable)
Preheating zone length 400mm
Number of preheating zones 1
Preheating zone power 3.5kw
Preheating zone temperature Room temperature 250℃,which can be set
heating method Hot air /infrared
Applicable solder type lead-free solder/ordinary solder
Tn fumace power 6kw 7kw
Dissolved tin in tin fumace Approx :180KG Approx :220KG
Stove temperature room temperature-300℃
temperature control method P.I.D+SSR
Machine control method Independent PLC+touch screen
Fhx capacity Max5.2L
Flux flow 10~100ml/min
Spray drving method Stepper motor
power supply 3sohase and 5-ine mechanism 380V
Starting power (total power Max.10kw Max.11kw
nomal operating power Approx.2kw
Gas source 4~7KG/CM2
welght Approx.400kg Approx.500kg

long leg Wave Soldering Machine

1. Appearance design: novel, using plastic spraying process without paint falling off, durable.
2. Hot air preheating: no blind hot air preheating area, efficient heat conduction; thick insulation layer, energy saving
3. Alloy chain claw: patented customized special chain claw, high strength and long life.
4. Special nozzle design; the longest board foot length is 35MM, the welding effect is good, and it can weld patches and direct plug-in mixed boards.
5. Transmission mechanism: adopts precise modular design, accurate transmission, long life and easy maintenance.
6. Transportation system: closed-loop control. Stepless speed regulation, precise control of PCB preheating and welding time.
7. Heating system: temperature adopts PID closed-loop control, and temperature control is stable and reliable.
8. Flux spray device: stepper motor closed-loop automatic tracking spray system, spray width and spray time are automatically adjusted, and the spray time can be set in advance and extended as needed; isolated design, can be pulled out and disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance;
9. Control system: intelligent control program, using brand electrical appliances to ensure stable operation of the equipment.
10. Human-machine interface: brand touch screen is used to ensure system reliability and stability.
11. Automatic power on and off: can be performed according to the date, time and temperature control parameters set by the user.
12. Fault prompt: system fault self-diagnosis, cause automatically displayed, troubleshooting methods can be queried at any time.
13. Economic operation: automatic flux spraying over the board, automatic wave peak, minimize the use of flux and tin oxidation.
14. Protection system: short circuit and overcurrent protection, protect the key electrical components of the equipment


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