Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning Machine&Automatic Spraying

For the fine stencil mesh cleaning poor effect with a simple spray-in-air cleaning method, and for large pieces of solder paste residue on the stencil which can’t be removed completely with simple way of ultrasonic cleaning as the industry problems, the equipment use the combination of spray-in-air and ultrasonic cleaning mode, adopt green environmentally friendly water-based cleaning process, including the functions such as spray-in-air first cleaning, ultrasonic final cleaning, spray-in-air rinsing, air knife cut the water and drying, excellent cleaning effect, few consumption of liquid, perfect fusion of the new efficient water-based cleaning technology and traditional stencil cleaning technology, the change and innovation for previous stencil cleaning method is revolutionary.

  • Product Features:
    • For the large pieces of solder paste and fine stencil mesh wall, can achieve good cleaning effect.
    • It’s unique in the industry, having patented technology support with both spray-in-air cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning.
    • The integration of Cleaning, rinsing and drying, realize that can use immediately after being cleaned.
    • For water-based cleaning process designing, environmental protection and safety, low running cost.
    • Equipment is equipped with real-time circulating filtration system for cleaning agent and rinsing water, high liquid utilization efficiency.
    • Equipment adopts aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel structure, and is equipped with process observation window, concise and beautiful.
    • Equipment adopts high performance and low power fittings, operates steadily and low energy consumption.
    • PLC control, one-click operate, the man-machine friendly, easy to use.
    • Don’t change the equipment functions, can be customized for non-standard stencil users.

Product pictures:

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