WDS-900 BGA Rework Station

WDS-900 BGA Rework Station is a BGA repair station developed and designed for large server motherboards; With optical alignment system, infrared plus gas (including nitrogen or compressed air) mixed heating mode is adopted, and all actions are driven by motor and controlled by software. Used for desoldering chips of various packaging forms. It is applicable to any BGA device, special and highly difficult to repair components POP, CCGA, BGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, Micro SMD, MLF (Micro Lead Frames).

Specification of  BGA Rework Station WDS-900:                                                      

Power supply Ac380v±10%,50/60hz
Total Power 9500W
Heater power Upper hot air heating, maximum 1600W
Lower hot air heating, maximum 1600W
Bottom infrared preheating, maximum 6000w
PCB positioning method V-shaped slot &universal clamp
Temperature control method High precision K-type thermocouple closed loop control, independent upper and lower temperature measurement, temperature accuracy can reach plus or minus 2 degrees;
Electrical selection material Industrial computer &temperature control module &motion control card &servo driver
Applicable PCB size Max760 × 630mm Min 10 × 10 mm
Applicable chip size Max120 × 120mm Min 0.6 × 0.6mm
Applicable pin pitch ≧0.3mm
Applicable PCB thickness 0.3-8mm
Alignment system Optical diamond mirror &high-definition industrial camera
Mounting accuracy ±0.025mm,
Temperature measurement interface 5
Maximum load for mounting 150G
Solder point monitoring External camera monitors the solder ball melting process during welding (optional)
MES system Reserved MES port
Feeding device Automatic feeding device
Machine size L830 × W1110 × H1740mm
Machine weight About 230kg
Other Features Double rocker operation, automatic/manual mode free switching, 7-axis electric motion control, original dual channel heating technology PCB preheating in advance, MES port; Smoke purification system

BGA Rework Station WDS-900: 

  1. Precise opticial alignment system:
    The top and bottom heaters of WDS-900 can heat PCB from upper and bottom at the same time, and large preheating area can prevent the PCB board from deformation. The top and bottom heaters work independently, controlled by software, it makes the lead-free repair easily.
  1. Five external temperature sensor ports:
    The external sensors can detect temperature precisely, analyze and calibrate the real temperature curve accurately at any time.10 temperature zone control, in line with lead-free repair process. The upper hot air heating system adopts a ceramic honeycomb heating system and the heat energy conversion is highly efficient. Infrared heating system adopts imported ceramic heater to make PCB warm up more evenly.
  1. HDMI high-definition digital imaging system (system magnification up to 200X)
    High-definition optical alignment system, PC control X, Y direction movement alignment, mounting head 360-degree electric rotation, HDMI high-definition optical alignment system, electric X, Y-direction movement, all-round observation of components, to eliminate the “observation of blind corners” omission Problems, accurate component placement.The laser positioning is configured to achieve quick conversion for different rework products without setting up cumbersome parameters.
  1. Superior safety functions.
    With CE certification; after desoldering and soldering, there is alarming. when temperature goes out of control; the circuit will automatically power off, it is of double over-temperature protection function. Temperature parameter has a password to avoid from arbitrary changes, with superior safety protection functions, can protect PCB board components and the machine from damage at any abnormal situation.

WDS-900 BGA Rework Station Main Features                                                  

  • WDS-900 is a BGA repair station developed and designed for large server motherboards; With optical alignment system, infrared plus gas (including nitrogen or compressed air) mixed heating mode is adopted, and all actions are driven by motor and controlled by software. Used for desoldering chips of various packaging forms. It is applicable to any BGA device, special and highly difficult to repair components POP, CCGA, BGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, Micro SMD, MLF (Micro Lead Frames).
  • Independent seven axis linkage, seven motors drive all actions. The upper and lower temperature zone/PCB motion and the X/Y motion of the optical alignment system are controlled by the rocker, which is easy to operate. With memory function, it is suitable for batch repair to improve efficiency and has a high degree of automation.
  • Integrated design of heating head and mounting head, with functions of automatic rotation, alignment, welding and automatic disassembly;
  • The upper air head adopts a dual channel hot air heating system and a super large air removal design. When repairing large-sized components, the temperature at the four corners is more uniform; Fast temperature rise, uniform temperature and fast cooling (the temperature can drop by 50-80 ° C), better meeting the process requirements of lead-free welding. The lower hot temperature zone is heated by infrared & hot air mixture. The infrared ray directly acts on the heating area and conducts with the hot air at the same time, which can make up for each other’s shortcomings and make the PCB temperature rise fast (the temperature rise rate reaches 10 ° C/S), while the temperature remains uniform.
  • Independent three temperature zones (upper temperature zone, lower temperature zone and infrared preheating zone). The upper temperature zone and lower temperature zone realize synchronous automatic movement, and can automatically reach any position in the infrared preheating zone at the bottom. The lower temperature zone can move up and down, support PCB, and adopt automatic motor control. The PCB can be fixed on the fixture, and the upper and lower heating heads can be moved to the target chip on the PCB as a whole.
  • The original infrared preheating platform at the bottom is made of excellent heating materials imported from Germany (infrared gold-plated light tube)+anti dazzle thermostatic glass (temperature resistance up to 1800 ° C), with a preheating area of 630 * 500mm; With the function of preheating PCB in advance, the preheating trigger temperature can be set, that is, the PCB board is preheated first. When the PCB board reaches the set trigger value, the head starts to heat the BGA. The advantage of this is that it effectively controls the PCB deformation and shortens the time for the components to be heated by high temperature, effectively improving the success rate of repair;
  • The preheating platform, clamping device and cooling system can move automatically in X direction. Make PCB positioning and desoldering safer and more convenient.
  • X,Y direction mobile and the overall unique design, so that the equipment space is fully utilized, with relatively small equipment volume to achieve a large area of PCB rework, the largest plywood size up to 760 * 630mm, no rework dead space.  BGA Rework Station Main Features
    ●The clamping plate device is provided with a positioning scale, and the system can remember the historical positioning scale, which makes repeated positioning more convenient and fast.
  • Built in vacuum pump, Φ The shaft angle can rotate freely, high-precision stepping motor control, automatic memory function, precise fine adjustment and mounting of suction nozzle;
  • The suction nozzle can automatically identify the suction and mounting height, and the pressure can be controlled within a micro range of 10g. It has zero pressure suction and mounting functions for small chips;
  • Color high-definition optical vision system, with dichroism, amplification and fine adjustment functions, including color difference resolution device, automatic focusing, software operation functions, 22 times optical zoom, and the maximum element size that can be reworked is 120 * 120mm;
  • The temperature control mode breaks the previous switch control (switch control: it controls the temperature of the heating element by the length of the solid state on-off time; the heating element power is only 0 or 100% during heating, and the temperature of the heating element is controlled by frequent switching, and the temperature fluctuation is relatively large), The machine adopts analog quantity control (it continuously controls the power of the heating element through analog quantity to achieve stable and accurate temperature control from 0-100% of the power of the continuously adjustable heating element). At present, high-end reflow soldering adopts this heating control mode: computer & PLC control; Embedded industrial computer, touch screen man-machine interface. PLC control, real-time temperature curve display, display the set curve and measured curve, and analyze the temperature measurement curve;  BGA Rework Station Main Features
  • 10 segments of temperature rise (fall)+10 segments of constant temperature control, which can store massive temperature curves and analyze the curves on the touch screen;
  • Alloy hot air nozzles of various sizes are easy to replace and can rotate 360 ° for positioning.
  • It is equipped with 5 temperature measurement ports, and has the function of multi-point real-time temperature monitoring and analysis.
  • It is equipped with nitrogen access port, which can be externally connected with nitrogen for protection welding, so as to make repair more safe and reliable.
  • The fixture with positioning scale is used to automatically take or remove the chip. As long as the chip size is input on the operation screen, the upper wind head will automatically absorb the central position of the chip, which is more suitable for batch production.

    Understanding the BGA Rework Process
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