WDS-800A BGA Hot Air Soldering Rework Station

Machine size 970mm(L)*700mm(W)*930mm(H)
Applicable PCB size Max610×480mm Min 10×10 mm
Applicable chip size Max100×100mm Min 0.5×0.5mm
PCB positioning method V-slot + universal fixture + laser positioning light for quick positioning


WDS-800A High Efficiency Full Auto BGA Rework Station

1. Hot air head and mounting head integration design, with auto soldering and desoldering functions.
2. Upper heaters adopt hot air system,heating faster,temperature evenness,cooling faster.(the temperature can be up to 50 to 80 centigrade)It can better meet technological requirements about lead-free soldering.Lower heaters adopt Hot air & IR mix heating. IR acts on the heating area directly; in the meanwhile, hot air works. They interact to heat quickly, and keep temperature even. (heating-up speed is up to 10 centigrade per minute.
3. Independent 3 heaters, upper and lower heaters can realize move synchronously and automatically,can reach IR every position.Lower heater zone can remove up and down,support PCB board. bottom pre-heating area along X/Y axis. Lower heater can move up/down and support PCB,auto-controlled by motors. It can realize the upper and lower heater able to move towards target BGA, without moving PCB.
4. PCB board adopts high accuracy slider to make sure the mount precision of BGA and PCB.
5. Unique bottom preheating table made of Germany-imported good quality heating  materials  plated IR tube & constant temperature glass anti-dazzle (heat-resist up to 1800 C), pre-heating area up to 500*420mm.
6. Preheating table, clamping device and cooling system can move integrally in X axis that make PCB locating & desoldering safer and conveniently.
7. X and Y axis adopt motor automatic control moving way to make the alignment faster and more convenient,make the most use of the equipment space,realization of repairing large area PCB with a smaller volume of equipment.The Max.plate size can reach 650*610mm,no repair dead corner.
8. Double rocker control the camera and upper and lower heating platform to make sure the alignment precision accuracy.
9. Inbuilt vacuum pump, rotate 360 in angel; fine-adjusting mounting suction nozzle.
10. Suction nozzle can detect BGA pickup and mounting height automatically with pressure controllable within 10 grams; zero pressure available to smaller BGA pickup and mounting.
11. Color high-resolution optical vision system, movable by hand in X/Y axis, with split vision, zoom in and fine-adjusting functions, aberration distinguish device included, auto-focus, software operation, 22x optical zoom; reworkable max. BGA size 80*80MM;
12. With 10 segments of temperature up (down) and 10 segments of constant temperature control,can save many segments of temperature.analyze the temperature parameter curves on the touch screen.
13. Many sizes of alloy nozzle, easy for replacement; can locate at all angle.
14. With 5 thermocouple ports, can real-time detect and analyze temperatures at multipoint.
15. With a solid operation display function to make the temperature control more reliable.
16. It can generate SMT standard temperature removing curve automatically in different regions and different environment temperature,don’t need to set curves manually, anybody can use it even without experience, realize machine intelligence.
17.With the camera that can observe the melting point of solder side, it is convenient to determine the curve (this feature is optional items).
Item WDS-800A
Power supply Ac220v±10%,50/ 60hz
Total Power 7600W
Heater power Upper hot air heating, max 1200W
Bottom hot air heating, max 1200W
Bottom infrared preheating, max 5000w
PCB positioning method V-slot + universal fixture + laser positioning light for quick positioning
Temperature control method High-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control, independent temperature measurement at the top and bottom, temperature accuracy up to plus or minus 2 degrees.
Electrical selection material High sensitive touch screen + temperature control module + PCL + servo driver + servo motor
Applicable PCB size Max610×480mm Min 10×10 mm
Applicable chip size Max100×100mm Min 0.5×0.5mm
Applicable PCB thickness 0.3-5mm
Alignment system Optical diamond mirror + HD industrial camera
Mounting accuracy ±0.01mm
Temperature measurement interface 5 pcs
Maximum load for mounting 150G
Solder point monitoring Optional external camera to monitor the melting process of tin balls during welding
Feeding device Automatic feeding device
Machine size 970mm(L)*700mm(W)*930mm(H)
Machine weight About 150KG
Other features 5-axis electric motion control

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