WDS-750 BGA Hot Air Soldering Rework Station

BGA Hot Air Soldering Rework Station
1. Installing BGA Components: BGA components require precise temperature control and positioning for installation. A hot air soldering rework station provides uniform hot air to melt the solder, ensuring proper connection to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).
2. Removing BGA Components: When BGA components need to be replaced or repaired, the rework station can heat the solder to safely remove the component without damaging the PCB.
3. Re-soldering BGA Components: If there are issues with the solder joints, such as cold solder or poor connections, the rework station can reheat the joints to ensure reliable connections.
4. Repair and Rework: During production, if a BGA component is installed incorrectly or needs upgrading, the rework station can be used to rework the component, avoiding the scrapping of the entire PCB.

BGA Hot Air Soldering Rework Station Technical Parameters

Total power 6800W
Upper heating power 1200W
Bottom heating power 1200W
Bottom IR heating power 4200W(2400W is controlled)
Power supply (Single Phase)  AC 220V±10 50Hz
Location way Optical camera+ V-shape card slot + laser position for fast location
Temperature control High precision K sensor closed loop control,independent temperature control with ±1 ℃ precision
Appliance selection High sensitive touch screen + temperature control mode +Panasonic PLC +step driver
Max. PCB size 570×450mm
Min. PCB size 10×10mm
Sensor 4units
Chip amplification multiple 2-30X
PCB thickness 0.5-8mm
Chip size 0.3*0.6mm-80*80mm
Min. chip space 0.15mm
Max. mount loading 200g
Mount precision ±0.01mm
Overall size L670×W780×H850mm
Optical camera Can be removed front and back,left and right,prevent the dead angle
Machine weight 90kg

BGA Hot Air Soldering Rework Station Key Features

1.Touch screen interface,heating time,heating temp,temp rise speed,cooling time,alarm advance,vacuum time are set up inside the touch screen,easy to use;

2.Panasonic PLC, independent control temperature control module,shows 3 temp curves all the time,4 independent sensors,check the temp accurately for the chip points,ensure the weld yield; 3.3 independent heating zones,each heating zone can set up the heating temp,heating time,temp rise rate;Six period of heating temperature, simulate the reflow heating mode,set up as Preheating, keeping, heating, welding, welding, cooling;
4.Auto feed chip,auto pick up chip,auto blowing chip,can identify the central position automatically when optical alignment;
5.Multifunction mode choice, four modes as weld,remove,mount,manual,automatic and semi-auto function,meet the various needs of the users;
6.Uses the high precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop control which is imported from USA,with the unique heating method,ensure the weld temp precision control within ±1 ℃;
7.Uses imported optical alignment system,500 pixel HD camera,HDMMI HD signal output,15 inch HD LCD,high accurate micrometer X/Y/Z axis adjustment,ensure the location precision within 0.01-0.02mm;
8.The upper heating head and placement head are designed 2 in 1,different size of heating nozzles are provided,easy to remove and install,can be customized,meet the more requirement for users;
9.High automation and precision to avoid artificial error fully,can make the best repairing effect for the lead free technology,double-deck BGA,QFN,QFP,capacitance resistance and other components and parts;
10.Equipped the extra camera to obverse the solder ball melting,to ensure the temp curve and weld effect(this function is optional).
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