KY-HW Solder Paste Warm Up Machine

Machine size:
Machine weight:
Working capacity:
reheat 4 cans; 500g per can
Working voltage:
220V 60Hz
Optial air pressure:

Solder paste warm up machine, one machine with multiple slots, multiple bottles of solder paste can be warmed up at the same time, intelligent warming, effective control of solder paste warming time, to ensure the activity of solder paste, baking paint appearance, smooth and neat surface.

1. Assembled and produced with imported electrica.
2. Each can of solder paste is placed in the tank with independent time control. Set the time solder paste cans will automatically sink, solder paste will be automatically ejected when the temperature is completed back;
3. Multiple cans of 500G each of solder paste can be tempered simultaneously;
Note: In case of sudden power failure, the solder paste bottle will be automatically ejected if the set time is not reached;


1. After the commissioning is completed, start the power
2. Place the solder paste can to be reheated into the fixture of the recess.
3. Please start the corresponding power supply for the solder paste that has returned to temperature and wait for it to return to temperature.
4. Adjust the time setting on the panel to a better return temperature time;
5. After pressing the power switch, the solder paste can will automatically sink. The machine will start to return to temperature until the solder paste can is popped out after completion.
6. Turn off the power switch after use;

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