KY-802 SMD Chip Counter

Power supply
AC220V 50HZ
5000-6500PCS /min
Rated power
Counting quantity
Mechanical size

SMT parts counter is suitable for counting electronic components, resistors, capacitors and other tray mounted products.

1, equipped with Japan imported Keenes brand pinhole fiber and fiber amplifier, can accurately detect whether the material tray is empty material, convenient for customers to more accurately inventory materials.
2、Can be equipped with an interface (R232) for connecting barcode machines and printers, PC and other devices, convenient management operations, while having an information interface to facilitate information sharing among various departments of the company .
3、Adopt domestic Sutai stepping motor, adjustable speed (high, medium and low speed adjustable) .
4、Can preset the number of parts, convenient to point material, send and receive material operations designed for SMD material belt-type parts.
5, forward and reverse can be counted, equipped with Japan’s imported Keyence brand infrared sensor device, accurate calculation of the number, zero error.
6、Two arms can be retracted, the size of the material tray can be applied .
7、The material belt interval: 2,4,8,10,12,16,24,32,44,56mm cycle setting, applicable to more specifications of the material belt.

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