AIS50X Series AOI Machine

Double-sided optical inspection equipment, main application scenarios
After the reflow oven in the SMT section, after the wave soldering in the DIP section, and before the final packaging inspection

Take pictures of the same board with two high precision cameras, and adopt convolutional neural network algorithm to process the images, so as to intelligently determine the defects of components and soldering tin.

  • Save manpower and replace the visual inspection station before final inspection.
  • Improve quality, effectively control before packaging, intercept defective products and avoid outflow.
  • The photos of front and back panel cards before packaging can be retained to achieve data traceability.

– Fast detection speed

The camera detection mode with synchronous different time of upper and lower lenses is adopted, which can effectively avoid the interference of light source while the detection speed is fast

– Synchronous movement

The upper and lower cameras take photos at the same time to improve the detection beat

– Real time operation

Take the next FOV and calculate the last FOV solder joint at the same time

– Path planning

Automatic path planning, motion detection, saving photo time


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