AIS40X Series Online 2D AOI

Equipment mdoel: AIS401 AIS401-B
Machine size: L1220 * W1050 * H1891 mm

L1070 * W1015 * H1862 mm

Test Size: 50*50-510*460mm
Optical camera: high-precision color industrial cameras

Through the high-precision color industrial camera to capture the image of the board in real time, take the convolutional neural network algorithm to process the image, intelligent determination of component defects.

1,Streamlined programming process, minimalist interface, support for one-click batch parameter modification.

2,Deep learning algorithm, strong anti-interference ability, high detection rate, low false alarm rate.

3,Support more scene detection to meet the diversified production of enterprises.

4,Linux system with high security protection index.

5,Centralized control and interconnection of multiple devices.

6,Data traceability and SPC alarm support.


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