AIS430 Online Single Track PCBA 3D AOI

Machine size 1174mm(L)*1642mm(W)*1396mm(H)
Camera 12MP face-matrix high-speed industrial camera
Function Remote control, remote assistance, CAD file import, custom model training
PCBA Size 50*50mm~510*510mm
Thickness 0.5mm-6mm


High speed and high accuracy
High-speed,high-resolution image processing technology forefficient 2D inspection performance and 3D imaging speed.4/8 direction-based projection 3D imaging, minimizingshadowing problems.

Minimal Programming
Deep learning algorithm, based on big data trainingintelligent model One click to find trained devices, canquickly batch broadcast parameters Fast programmingand operation,easy to learn plate-making process.

Wide detection range
Configurable measurement height range 2D and 3D can be detected

SPC is comprehensive and intuitive
Automatic barcode recognition, quick access to production statistics reports, and Remote viewing oftracking data*

Item Online single track PCBA 3D AOI AIS430
PCBA Specifications Size 50*50mm~510*510mm
Thickness 0.5mm-6mm
Rail Height 900±20mm
Height of passable components Top: 50mm, Bottom: 50mm
Over Board Load ≤3KG
Process Edge >4mm
Optical specifications Camera 12MP face-matrix high-speed industrial camera
Light Source RGBW 4-color integrated light source + 4-directional structured light projection unit
FOV 60*45mm
Resolution 15μm
Testing Related Component Inspection Part buckling, floating height, missing parts, multiple parts, flip, reverse, offset, broken, skewed, foreign objects, stains, etc.
Solder Inspection Climbing tin height, more tin, less tin, even tin, empty welding, false welding, tin holes, etc.
Other Functions One-dimensional / two-dimensional code recognition / character recognition, etc.
Mixed board test Mixed board production, support program automatic call
Algorithm Deep neural network algorithm, character comparison, color comparison, contour recognition, height algorithm, OCR, etc.
Speed 0.55sec/FOV
Software Systems Operating System Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit
Function Remote control, remote assistance, CAD file import, custom model training
Communication method Standard SMEMA interface
Data output Automatic generation of statistical analysis SPC
Features Automatic component search, one-click programming
Hardware Specifications Industrial Control Host CPU: intel i7
Graphics card: Gigabyte RTX3060 12G video memory
Storage: 64G DDR4, 240G SSD + 6T mechanical hard drive
Network: 1000M wired network card
Display 23.8″ FHD display
Motion mechanism High precision screw + servo motor
Rail Width Adjustment Manual/automatic
Exterior / Electrical Case size and weight 1174mm(L)*1642mm(W)*1396mm(H)  (height does not include tricolor light), 890KG
Power supply and power AC 220V, rated power 510W
Air source 0.4-0.6Mpa
Working Environment Temperature: 10~45℃, Humidity: 30~85%RH

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