KY-7000 3D AOI

Machine size L1125mm*D1360mm*H1570mm(exchuding lamp)
X/Y motion AC servo double drive
Camera 12MP industrial camera
Detected PCB Size 50*60-510*510mm
Detected PCB Thickness 0.6-6.0mm


KY-7000, adopts a new generation of multi projector optical machine technology, which can effectively solve the shadow blind spots and truly restore components.

1,3D positioning technology and FOV positioning are adopted to accurately position components and pads, which are not affected by incoming material changes.
2,The perfect combination of 3D technology and color feature algorithm can effectively detect the defects of components and solder joints.
3,Automatic compensation for bending, which can deal with flexible boards and circuit boards deformed due to high temperature.
4,The analysis of rich SPC detection data is helpful to improve and enhance the process quality.
5,Three points of illumination and function can quickly locate the root cause of defects.

Equipment Model KY-7000(Single  Track) KY-7000(Double  Track) KY-7000XL(Enlarged  Double  Track)
Imaging system Camera 12MP industrial camera
 Resolving power 15μm,12um,10um
FOV 60*45mm(12MP.15μm)
  Light source 4-color ring programmable LED light source(RGBW)
Height measurement method Structural grating * 4
Plate Feeding Mechanism X/Y motion AC servo double drive
Base platform Marble
Track width adjustment mode Automatic adjustment
Track type Belt
Inlet flow direction Left → right or right → left(factory setting)
Fixed rail Monorail 1 rail fixed,double gauge: 1 rail fixed(1/3 or 1/4 fixed)
Hardware Configuration Operating system Win10
   Communication mode Ethernet,SMEMA
  Power Supply Single-phase 220V,50/60Hz,5A
Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Track height 900±20mm
  Machine size L1125mm*D1360mm*H1570mm(exchuding lamp) L1295*D1360*H1570mm(excluding lamp)
Weight 1100KG 1150KG 1300KG
Detected PCB Specifications   Size 50*60-510*510mm Double track:50*60-510*320mm
Single track:50*60-510*560mm
Thickness 0.6-6.0mm
Warping ±3.0mm
Clear height The upper clear height is 25-50mm, and the lower clear height is 45mm
Process side 3.0mm
  PCB weight ≤3.0KG
Test Items Component class Misalignment, missing parts, polarity, deviation, turnover, damage,IC corner,IC warping., foreign matter, floating height, tilt, etc
Solder No tin,less/more tin, faulty soldering, bridging, tin ball, etc
 Check elements Chip:03015 and above(3D),LSI:0.3mm spacing and above, others: special-shaped components
Detection Capablity Height resolution 0.37μm
  Check speed 450ms/FOV

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