Fully automatic brush machine

KY-8C series fully automatic PCBA board cleaning machine; is an online fully automatic PCBA board cleaning machine, suitable for traditional board washing water, no need for manual contact with cleaning agents, the equipment combines PCBA board transmission technology with brush cleaning technology, multiple brushing in all directions, front and back, left and right, cleaning without dead ends, ensuring that the PCBA board meets the cleanliness requirements. Suitable for cleaning the welding surface of single-sided PCBA board, will not wet the front components

This machine adopts touch screen control

pcba welding surface cleaning machine

Model KY-168C KY-328C KY-528C
Maximum PCB width: 200mm 300mm 500mm
External dimensions L1800*W780*H980±2mm L1900*W880*H980±2mm L2300*W1080*H980±2mm
Coating roller dimensions φ95mm
Disc brush dimensions φ200mm φ320mm φ520mm
Spindle speed 0-500 rpm (continuously variable speed)
Operating voltage: 220V 50/60HZ
Total power: 1 (KW) 2 (KW) 2.2KW)
Transmission speed: 0.051.8m/min (continuously variable speed)

Cleaning process:

Feeding → First-level brush cleaning → Second-level disc brush cleaning → Third-level brush cleaning → Fourth-level disc brush cleaning

Cleaning structure and function:
1. Equipment structure: It includes feeding connection mechanism, transportation mechanism, brush cleaning system, circulation filtration system, air drying system, PLC program controller, and other automatic control systems. Each system is designed as an independent module, which is simple to operate and easy to maintain.
2. Automatic control: The whole machine realizes full-function control through PLC, and has two operation modes: fully automatic and manual. The automatic mode is (economic operation mode), which can greatly reduce the consumption of cleaning agent and electric energy.
3. All-round cleaning: The disc brush and the roller brush clean the bottom of the PCB A board at the same time without dead angles;
4. Filtration system: It is equipped with a completely enclosed three-level automatic circulation, which continuously filters and cleans the stains later, so that the cleaning liquid is always kept in a high level of activity, and the cleaning liquid is recycled.
5. Liquid level alarm: The cleaning liquid tank is equipped with low liquid level alarm and over-limit function.
6. Air drying device: The fan acts on the cleaned PCB A board to make its surface dry quickly.
7. Cleaning module: The motors of the wet cleaning module and the dry cleaning module are independent, and the speed and height can be adjusted independently. Suitable for cleaning processes of various PCBA boards
8. First-level wet cleaning module: contains two sets of roller abrasive brushes, two sets of spray pipes, reverse rotation to brush the PCB board, and the cleaning liquid returns to the circulation system.
9. Second-level dry cleaning module: contains a set of disc brown brushes, reverse rotation to clean the PCBA board.
10. Third-level wet cleaning module: contains a set of roller abrasive brushes, a set of spray pipes, reverse rotation to brush the PCBA board, and the cleaning liquid returns to the circulation system.
11. Fourth-level dry cleaning module: contains a set of disc brown brushes, forward rotation to clean the PCBA board.

Liquid level control device:
1. When the liquid level in the clear liquid storage tank drops to the low liquid level warning line, the liquid level controller will send an alarm signal to prompt for liquid replenishment.
Feeding structure and conveying transportation system:
1. The board feeding device synchronized with the transportation rail makes feeding convenient and smooth
2. The transportation is fully visualized, and the operation of the PCB board inside the machine can be clearly observed
Circulation filtration system:
Cleaning tank → liquid storage tank → primary filtration → sedimentation tank → liquid storage tank → circulation pump → return to the cleaning tank for repeated circulation.
Control system:
Control mode: divided into two types: “Manual operation/intelligent economic operation”
1. Manual operation mode: each system function can be completed manually one by one
2. Intelligent economic operation mode: when there is no PCBA board in the machine, the system will automatically judge, and the cleaning brush and water pump will enter the stop state. The cleaning liquid circulation system enters a fully enclosed state.

online automatic PCBA cleaning machine

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