KY-M Series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Machine

Machine size 3600mm(L)*1100mm(W)*1490mm(H)
Number of heating zones Top 6/Bottom 6
Length of heating zones 2500mm
Number of cooling zines Top 1/Bottom 1

Mainly used in high precision manufacturing industries such as the electronics industry, optical industry, aerospace industry, medical equipment industry, and so on. In these industries, the products require high precision and quality, so high-precision equipment is needed for production and manufacturing. The vacuum reflow soldering furnace can control the heating temperature and environment, making the soldering process more stable and reliable, there by ensuring the quality and performance of the products.

  • PC and PLC controller constitute a perfect and stable control system.
  • Powerful software features, PCB board online temperature measurement, and print and save the temperature curve at any time. Easy to learn control software, can learn to operate within a few minutes.
  • Heating is a roling start mode, providing the perfect solution for the customers with limited power.
  • Windows XP operating interface with powerful and simple operation.
  • The air flow model of imported reflow welding and the hot air is uniformly spraved on the surface of the plate through the static ressure effect, and the transverse temperature difference is less than ±2℃.
  • The temperature difference between the heat preservation zone and the reflow zone can reach 100℃ without temperature,which is in full accord with the lead-free welding standard. The upper and lower body of the whole machine are all hot air type structure.
  • Imported brand electrical component like Mitsubishi air switch, Schneider Contactor, Carlo Gavazzi SSR, Omron intermediate relay, Delta inverter and so on, can guranteen the system stability.
  • Variable speed control of wind motor speed, suitable for welding a variety of special plate (ultra small and light components), may be through the transfer of high temperature zone, reduce wind speed to prevent the shift of components.
  • The heating elements are heating wires, the heat efficiency is high, the air resistance is small, and the utility model is favorable for improving the heat exchange rate and saving electricity.
  • Rapid heating, it takes just 25 minutes from ambient to setting temperature.
  • Chain guide raill and stainless steel mesh belt conveyor, no deformation.
  • Furnace adopt electric screw to open, no need any air pressure.
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