KY IPS5000 IC Burning Machine

Machine Size: 1300mm(L)×1185mm(W)×1500mm(H
X-Y-Z Axis Drive High performance servo drive system
Upwards Camera 4 sets of intellligent industrial camera
Downwards Camera One set of intelligent industrial camera


The main application industries include electronics manufacturing, communication equipment manufacturing, automotive electronics manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, etc. In these industries, a large number of electronic components need to be programmed or written into programs, and automatic burners are needed to improve efficiency and accuracy in the production process. In addition, automatic burn-in machines can also be used in smart home, Internet of Things and other fields to support the production and development of various smart devices.

High-productivity universal programmer AP80008

  • 8 AP8000,64 or 128 programming socket
  • UPH is up to 3000(unit per hour)
  • IC type supported:UFS,Emmc,Nor/Nand Flash,EEPROM,CPLD,FPGA,Anti-Fuse and other ASIC
  • Supported all kinds of IC package

Smart Camera system

  • 4 set of upwards camera(1.3 mega pixel) are capable to calibrate 2 nozzles simultaneously. 1 set of top camera(1.3 mega pixel)is for coordinate positioning.
  • Automatically recognizing IC appearance to calibrate the position
  • Equipped with high-resolution camera, the system can support 1.0×1.5mm package
  • Smart camera system enhances the accuracy of IC pick&place to ensure the productivity and stability of automatic programming system.
Item KY-IPS5000
Performance PnP Accuracy Repeatability ±0.02mm
PnP Unit 4 Nozzles
UPH Up to 3000 UPH
Programmers Up to 8 sets of AP8000 universal programmers,up to 64 chip sockets. Optional extend to 128 chip sockets.
Control System X-Y-Z Axis Drive High performance servo drive system
Transmission System High performance servo motor-belt system & Linear Slide Rail
Resolutions X/Y/Z Axis: 0.001mm, R axis:0.036°/pulse
Vision System Upwards Camera 4 sets of intellligent industrial camera
Downwards Camera One set of intelligent industrial camera
Vision Accuracy ±0.01mm
Feed in and out system Tray In/Out Auto Tray In/Out System capacity 20pcs JEDEC standard tray
Physical seperate In/Out tray
Reel In Electronic feeder,support 8-44mm tape width,extendable to 72mm
Reel In Quantity Support up to 2 sets Reel in feeders in the same time
Reel Out Auto Tape Out System,Heat seal/self-adhesive cap tape, support 8-44mm tape width,etendable to 56mm
Tube In Support manual vibration tube in system (up to 6 tube)
Automatic tube in system.dual chanels feeder, up to 80 tubes loads in one lot
Marking System Ink Dot Marking Machanical Ink Dot System
lnk Injection Marking Ink Injection system, Support dot,number and alphabet (Minimum Dot size 1.2*1.2mm,alphabet size 2*3mm)
Laser Marking High performance laser marking.Support dot,number,alphabet and square code (Minimum alphabet size 0.6*0.6mm)
Label Marking Support auto label feeding, label backing width 10-40mm, label size ≥3mm
Vision Inspection Reel Out AOl IC orientation, Chip Marking alphabet detection, Ink/Laser Marking quality, Chip Missing detection
Tray Out AOI
3D Inspection 3D lead coplanarity,lead slant etc.
Operation System OS Windows 10
Display 17 Inches touch  screen
Input Device Keyboard,Mouse,Operating handle
Operation System Power Supply 200V~240V AC single phase/50~60HZ/2KW(Rated Power)
Air Pressue 0.6MPa,40L/min
Wight 500KG
Standalone Handler (Auto Tray included) 1300mm 1185mm 1500mm(1725mm hzazrd beacon included)
Standalone Handler (Auto Tray included)+TPO+Feederln 2158mm 1185mm 1500mm(1725mm hzazrd beacon included)

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