KY-168 Semi-automatic solder paste printing machine

Semi-automatic solder paste printing machiner is used for PCB screen printing with high precision and flexibility.

Semi-automatic solder paste printing machine

Model KY168-4 KY168-6 KY168-12
Accuracy +/- 0.05mm +/- 0.05mm +/- 0.05mm
PCB Size 350 x 300 mm 600 x 300 mm 1200 x 350 mm
Platform size 500 x 320 mm 700 x 320 mm 1350 x 400 mm
Stencil Size(mm) 470*370-750*550 470*370-750*550 470*370-1500*550
PCB Thickness 0.2 – 6 mm 0.2 – 6 mm 0.2 – 6 mm
Stencil Positioning Manual Manual Manual
Cycle Time < 10 Sec. < 10 Sec. < 12 Sec.
Power Consumption 80 W 80 W 100 W
Power Supply 1 -PH, 220VAC 50/60HZ 1 -PH, 220VAC 50/60HZ 1 -PH, 220VAC 50/60HZ
Air Pressure 5-7kg/cm 5-7 kg/cm 5-7kg/cm
Squeegee Speed 0-100mm/sec 0-100mm/sec 0-100mm/sec
Dimension 900x720x1680 mm 1060x690x1680 mm 1660x750x1680 mm
Weight 280 Kg 300 Kg 356 Kg
Squeegee Length 250mm 250mm 250mm
Platform Height 950mm 950mm 950mm

Semi-automatic solder paste printing machine Introduce

1、Using Taiwan HIWIN linear precision guide and stepping motor control motor to drive the scraper seat. Ensure the printing quality, IC spacing of 0.3mm or more.
2、The printing scraper can be fixed by rotating upward 45°, easy to clean and replace the printing plate and scraper.
3、Squeegee holder can be adjusted in front and back to choose the right printing position.
4、Combined printing table plate with fixed groove and positioning PIN, easy to install and adjust for single and double-sided printing.
5、Stencil movement is used to calibrate the board, and combined with the X, Y, Z correction of the printed PCB board fine adjustment, convenient and fast.
6、One-way and two-way printing mode can be set.
7、With automatic counting function, convenient for output statistics.
8. Adopt self-developed PLC control and display control touch screen human-machine dialogue.
9. Relay, button switch control, and electrical appliances are all imported.


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