GLS-E Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer

GLS-E Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer is the sincere work of GKG that gathers cost performance, universality and stability.
At the same time, the printing processes include not only the solder paste, FLUX and silver paste processes, but also the silica gel, Red RTV Silicone Gasket, printing ink and glue processes. With a GLS Printer, you can enjoy the full capacities of all processes.
GLS-E Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer is applicable to the notebook,spaceflight, communication and household appliance areas and meets the featured printing needs ofsmall spacing, multiple solder joints, high quality, etc.
With the printing precision of ±22μm@6σ,CPK ≥ 2.0 as well as three options, i.e.multi-process application capability,flexible wiring layout (BTB + HTH) and intelligence, the capacity of the equipmentis maximized to let customers obtain the best experience.

Repeated Positloning Accuracy 土12.5um@6o,CPK>2.0
Repeated Printing Precisior 士22um@60.CPK20
Excluding cleaning and printing <7.5 sec
Including cleaning and printing 19s/pcs
Processing CT 5min
Line Change CT 3min
Laminate Processing Parameters
Maximum Laminate Dimension 510*510mm
Minimum Laminate Dimension 50*50mm
Laminate Thickness 0.4-6mm
Mechanical Range of Canture 510*510mm
Maximum Laminate Weight 5kg
Marginal Gap of Laminate 2.5mm
Height over the Top 23mm
Transmission Heighe 900±40mm
Transmisuion Soeed Control by section, 1500mm/s (Max)
Way of Transmission One-section transmission guide rail
Transmission Direction From left to right
From right to left
Same in and out
Laminate Support Method Magnetic thimble
Spacer blocks of edual height i65mm
Selt adjustable jacking plattoom
Laminate Clamping Self-retractable upward pressing shee
Flexiblesde clamc
Vacuum suction function
Printing Parameters
Printing Speed 10-200mm/sec
Printing Pressure 0.5-20Kg
Printing Mode Single or double scraper printing
Scraoer TyDe Rubberscraper/steelscraper(angle:45/55/60
Stripper Distance 0~20mm
Stripper Speed 0~20mm/sec
Size of SteelMesh frame 470*370mm-737*737mm
RositioningMethod of Steel Mesh
Cleaning Parameters
Ceaning Method Dry witing. wet wioing.vacuum
High Coeed Clesnins Back and forth cleaning
Cleanint System Side soray tvpe
Cleaning Strcke Generated automasically based on the lenath and width of the laminato
Cleaning Position Rear
Cleanine Soeed 10-200mm/sec                    10-200mm/sec
Consumption of Cleaning Fluid Generated automatically.Manuall adiustable
ConsumptonofcleaningPape Generated automatically.Manuall adiustable
Image Parameters
Field ofVision of lmane 10*8mm
Camera Tvoe 1.3 megapixel dieital camera
Image Pickup System Uo-down imaaing.senless adiustmentollightsource
Canture CT 300ms
Type of Datum Point Datum point of standard shaoes
Such as circle, square, thombus, cross
Bonding pad and special-shaped
Mark Size 0.3.6mm
Number of Marks Max:4pcs
erofEcolProaf Points Max:lpcs
Machine Parameters
Power Requirement AC·220 £106.50/60Hz2.2KW
Requirement of Compressed Air 4-6Kgf/cm
Gas Consumotion about5L/min
Temperature of Working Emironment -20°C-+45℃
Humidity of Working Environment 3096-60%
Machine Height jvduding sricalour ligf 1500(H)mm
Machine Langth X Direction 1258/L1mm
Machine Width Y Direction 1425(Wimm
Machine Weigh Approx:1100Kg
Load-bearing Requirement of Equioment 650ka/md
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