Comparing Semi Solder Paste Printing Machine vs Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer: 5 Differences to Know

KY-168 Semi Solder Paste Printing Machine

1, Using Taiwan HIWIN linear precision guide and stepping motor control motor to drive the scraper seat. Ensure the printing quality, IC spacing of 0.3mm or more.
2, The printing scraper can be fixed by rotating upward 45°, easy to clean and replace the printing plate and scraper.
3, Squeegee holder can be adjusted in front and back to choose the right printing position.
4, Combined printing table plate with fixed groove and positioning PIN, easy to install and adjust for single and double-sided printing.
5, Stencil movement is used to calibrate the board, and combined with the X, Y, Z correction of the printed PCB board fine adjustment, convenient and fast.
6, One-way and two-way printing mode can be set.
7, With automatic counting function, convenient for output statistics.
8, using self-developed PLC control, display control touch screen type man-machine dialogue.The second item is relay, button switch control, electrical appliances are imported equipped.

Semi Solder Paste Printing Machine

GSK Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer

1,Scraper system: 

Print head with the programmable and suspending self-adjusting stepper wheel positioning slide type with bilateral double sliders ensures the movindaccuracy and stability when scraper is running back and forth.Two sets of separate scraper heads are driven respectively by two hiah precisiorstepper motors,ensuring the accuracy and stability of the pressureThe closed loop pressure control system can accurately detect and control thesqueegee pressure during real-time production.

2,Cleaning system: 

Stencil cleaning svstem is auomatic and effective. Three options of Dry cleaninoWet cleaning and Vacuum cleaning can be selected to use, both individually andmultiply.And you can also choose to clean manueThe unit to cean is separated from CCD carera. which can minimize the load omotor and impulse, improve the positioning precision and speed and extend theservice lifeSprinkler system ensures spraving evenly, from fop to bottom.The software function can control the dosage of alcohol and stencil cleaning paperEffectivelv save more consumableVacuum cleaning is supported with a dedicated fan, powerful and effective.The cleaning system has patents.

3,Operation Interface: 

Using Windows XP operation interface,and easy to learn for user, with goodman-machine interactive function. Programing is designed with teaching andnavigation function, guidance is available on every step.Chinese/Englistseiectable Operating Journal/Breakdown Record/Breakdown Diagnosis.

4,Image And Optical System: 

Uniform ring light, high brightness coaxial light and advanced upper/lower visionsystemFull range of light compensation, Automatic and accurate recognized of alltype MARK points. Applicable for tin plating, copper plating, gold plating, tin sprayincFPC and other types PCB with different colors, able to ensure high accuracy.

5,2D Paste Printing Quality Test And Analysis: 

Ensure the quality of product printingThis feature can quickly detect forprinting offset, insufficient paste,missing and bridge and otherdefects.

GSK Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer
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