China Wave Soldering Machine

China has become a global leader in manufacturing, and its wave soldering machines are no exception. These machines play a key role in the electronics manufacturing industry, with high efficiency, high reliability and high cost-effectiveness.

What are the wave soldering machine suppliers in China?

KYOONE is one of the professional manufacturers of wave soldering and reflow soldering, with independent research and development, production and sales.

Why choose KYOONE when buying a Chinese wave soldering machine?

Machine features
Hot air preheating: modular preheating, convection hot air preheating zone, variable frequency adjustment of air volume, so that the PCB can get a perfect preheating effect
Adjustable nozzle design: the wave crest can be adjusted with the width of the PCB board, which greatly reduces the amount of tin oxidation when soldering small PCB boards
Flux spray device: stepper motor closed-loop automatic tracking spray system, spray width and spray time are automatically adjusted, and the spray time can be set in advance and extended as needed; isolated design, the whole can be pulled out and disassembled, and quick cleaning and maintenance
Economic operation: automatic spraying of flux over the board, automatic wave crest, minimize the use of flux and tin oxidation

What wave soldering machines does KYOONE provide?

wave soldering machines are used in a variety of industries, including:

Consumer electronics: From smartphones and tablets to home appliances, wave soldering machines are essential for the production of a variety of consumer electronics.

Automotive electronics: These machines are used to manufacture electronic components for vehicles, such as engine control units, infotainment systems, and safety features.

Telecommunications: Wave soldering machines play a vital role in producing high-quality components for communication equipment, including routers, switches, and mobile phones.

Industrial equipment: They are also used to produce rugged electronic components for industrial machinery and tools, ensuring durability and reliability in harsh environments.

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