1. High cutting accuracy, efficiency doubled with two laser heads processing at the same time.
  2. Equipped with imported lens, the lens has small energy loss, high reflectiv­ity, strong focusing, friction resistance, and is not easy to burst
  3. The imported linear guide rail and high-speed stepping motor are used in the motion structure, which can be processed offline, and the humanized in­terface is easier to operate.
  4. It has the characteristics of small cutting seam, high speed and high preci­sion.
  5. A variety of marking parameters can be set according to the color for color separation cutting.

APPLICABLE MATERIALS: It can cut wood, acrylic, PP, plexiglass and other non-metallic materials with high quality. It is widely used in garment embroidery, leather products, elec­tronic appliances, advertising decoration, packaging and printing industries.


model LS-QG-100/120……12000W
laser power 100/120……12000W
line width ±2%
speed (P0.2mm
Cutting accuracy 1070~1080nm
Voltage Customizable
Total machine power 100pm,multimode
Cooling mode water cooling
Use environment No vibration source, ventilation, 18~38°C
Machine weight Net weight 1800kg
size Length 1820 mm, width 1750


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