1. Russian technology, European production; It has no pollution, small heat affected zone and small deformation; No consumables, small size; Flexible processing and low operation cost.
  2. The cooling medium is purified to prolong the service life of the device and make daily maintenance more convenient; It is controlled by PC; With the help of special software, the operation is simple and easy to learn.
  3. It can cut or weld any graphic characters or punch holes; Optical fiber output, configurable manipulator or pipeline; CCD liquid crystal monitoring and observation system can clearly observe the product positioning and welding effect according to the macro instructions.

APPLICABLE MATERIALS: It is suitable for welding optical communication devices, smart watch metal connectors, manual accessories (middle plate, nut), batteries, optical fiber coupling devices, picture tube electron gun, connectors, microelectronic components, medical devices, precision parts, etc. It is mainly used for con­tinuous welding, cutting and drilling of various metal plates (copper, alumi­num, titanium, stainless steel, low carbon steel, etc.); Or ceramic, silicon and some other non-metallic continuous marking, cutting and drilling.

model LS-HJ-1000/1500/3000/4000/


maximum power 1000/1500/3000/4000/


Laser output stability ±2%
facula 畝).2mm
Laser wavelength 1070-1080nm
Welding range X300*Y200*Z200mm
Fiber diameter 100pm,Multimode
Cooling mode water cooling

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