LS-FA Series Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The FA series fiber laser marking machine is an enhanced version of the FL series, offering additional functionalities such as wide and narrow pulse options. These pulses can be controlled independently, allowing for the realization of multi-color effects in material processing. The FA series lasers possess excellent laser characteristics and a strong ability to control pulse shape.

FA series fiber laser marking machine includes all applications of FL series, and adds wide and narrow pulse on the basis of FL series. Using dif1 ferent pulse width to realize multi-color function in material processing. The wide and narrow pulses of FA series lasers are controlled inde­pendently. All of them have perfect laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability.

APPLICABLE MATERIALS: It can be used to black alumina. Plastic lettering, metal lettering, stainless steel color printing, mirror peeling paint and other products with higher requirements.

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