KY-UV6000S UV Curing Furnace

Machine size 1500mm(L)*1050mm(W)*1540mm(H)
PCB size 450(W)mm*450(L)mm
PCB component over board height ±100mm
UV tube quantity 1 group light source

KY-UV6000S is composed of severalparts such as frame carrier, transmissionsystem, UV curing, electric box andcontrol system, etc. lt is a specialequipment for UV curing of three-proofpaint.

1. PLC + touch screen + button control.

2. stainless steel chain conveying, effective width of 50-450mm, width and narrow manually adjustable, conveying speed by touch screen adjustment.

3. the equipment also carries 1 set of electronic dimming light source, the power can be quickly adjusted.

4. reserved back to the board line opening size: 250 * 550mm.

5. The equipment is equipped with 2 SMEMA communication ports as standard.

6. Temperature sensing system in the furnace, real-time collection of the temperature of the furnace chamber near the product, and display in the touch screen interface.

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