KY-N460D-C/KY-N460D Online selective coating machine

Machine size (L*W*H) 1100*1200*1600mm
Type Online
Typical Application PCBA selective coating and dispensing
Glue valve type Needl type ghue valve, cone type glue spraying valve, fan type valve, fim type ghue spraying valve (optionl)



1. Integral steel motion platform, sturdy frame structure provides a strong guarantee for stability during operation.
2. High-precision fully sealed module is used to completely isolate the corrosion of the filament rod and slide rail by mist.
3. Professional control card and high quality motion configuration system lay a solid foundation for high speed and high precision operation.
4. Special aluminum alloy track and stainless steel conveyor chain.
5. Adopt human-machine operation interface, quick programming method can greatly reduce the time of programming.
6. Fast speed and stable operation.
7. Flexible multi-axis control, which can realize the complex PCB board with high difficulty coating.
8. Powerful process control capability ensures high quality and consistency of coating.
9. Independent paint container barrel and equipped with exhaust gas discharge port, which effectively reduces the emission of irritating gas.
10. The spray glue valve is made by German technology, with adjustable atomization fan size and width.
11. The atomization regulator adopts high precision digital display regulator, which can control the edge cleanliness more effectively and precisely.
12. Equipped with automatic soaking and automatic spitting device, which can eliminate the blockage of the glue valve outlet.
13. Equipped with SMEMA interface for communication with other equipment.
14. Equipped with sound and light alarm for failure and menu display.
15. Automatic constant current and pressure supply of coating material to ensure the consistency of coating.
16. Automatic cleaning device for glue valve.
17.Optional two sets of feeding system to achieve simultaneous coating of two kinds of coatings.

Item KY-N460D-C KY-N460D
Type Online
Number of axes Three axes (X/Y/Z)
Typical Application PCBA selective coating and dispensing
Control system /
Computer Industial control cand + motion control card,  LCD display, keyboard N/A
Sofware Windows 7+Coating app Coating app
Progpramming method Mouse key cover Handle
Drive Servo motor + high precision ball screw Sitpper motor + high precision ball screw
Motion systcm /
Positioning accuracy ±0.03mm ±0.05mm
Repatability ±0.03mm ±t0.05mm
Maximum movement speed 600mm/S(X,Y,Z) 500mm/S (X,Y,Z)
Conveyor system /
Tranport drive Stepper mdtor, sainless steel chain
 Width adjustmcnt system Manual
Width-adjustment speed 250mm/min
Transpont speed 70-2400mm/min
Transport direction L→R(R→L optiooal)
Maximum substrate thicknes 8mm
Tack load capacity (inchding clumps) 5.8KG
Track height 880-930mm(Can butt plug-in line 730-780mm)
Number of ails 1 rail
Dispensing mange /
Dispensing area(L*W) 370*350mm
Maximum height of components 80mm under 80mm on the cooveying surface
Fluid section /
Number of glue valves 2 sets
Glue valve type Needl type ghue valve, cone type glue spraying valve, fan type valve, fim type ghue spraying valve (optionl)
Single coating width 3-15mm (varies accoding to the selected valve)
Coating capacity 10L glue storage tunk/ 1L clconing tunk 5L glue storage tunk/1L cleaning tunk
Exhaust system /
Ventilation method Upper hole system for air cxtmation (with its own air extraction system)
Extraction power AC220V, 75W
Exhaust air requirement 540m³/h
Factory requirements /
Communication interface SMEMA interface
Power Voltage AC 220V, 50/60HZ, 10A
Air pressure Air prassure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Total Power 2.3KW 2.0KW
Total weight 480KG 380KG
Machine size (L*W*H) 1100*1200*1600mm

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