KY-N460A/KY-N460B Online selective coating machine

Machine size (L*W*H) 1100*1200*1600mm
Type Online
Tituble angle Glue valve can not be tilted (optioal glue valve tit 35° ) tit angle wsing the cylinder/ motor (optional)
Drive Japan imported servo motor + high precision ball screw


1. Integral steel motion platform, sturdy frame structure provides a strong guarantee for stability during operation.
2. Adopt high precision fully sealed module, completely isolate the mist to the screw and slide corrosion, compared with the market stepper motor control system, has a stable, high precision motion control effect.
3. Professional control card and high quality motion configuration system lay a solid foundation for high speed and high precision operation.
4. Special aluminum alloy track and stainless steel conveyor chain.
5. Adopt human-machine interface, quick programming method can greatly reduce the time of programming.
6. The control software is a coating software developed independently under Windows 7 environment, combining the requirements of many coating processes of customers in the industry.
7. Fast speed and stable operation.
8. Flexible multi-axis control to achieve difficult coating of complex PCB boards.
9. Strong process control capability ensures high quality and consistency of coating.
10. Independent paint container barrel and equipped with exhaust gas discharge port, which effectively reduces the emission of irritating gas.
11. The spray glue valve is made by German technology, with adjustable atomization fan size and width.
12. The atomization regulator adopts high precision digital display regulator, which can control the edge cleanliness more effectively and precisely.
13. Equipped with automatic soaking and automatic spitting device, which can eliminate the blockage of the glue valve outlet.
14. Equipped with SMEMA interface for communication with other equipment.
15. Equipped with sound and light alarm for failure and menu display.
16. Automatic constant current and pressure supply of coating material to ensure coating consistency.
17. Automatic cleaning device for glue valve.
18.Optional two sets of feeding system to achieve simultaneous coating of two kinds of coatings.
19. Optional double track system to greatly improve work efficiency.

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