KY-N350 Lead-Free Hot Air Wave Soldering Machine

Machine size 3900mm(L)*1420mm(W)*1750mm(H)
PCB width 30-350mm(Optional:400mm,450mm,


Preheating zone Preheating zone length: 1600mm,3 independent hot air preheating
Wave type Turbulence first wave and lambda 2nd wave

Mainly used in industries such as electronics manufacturing, communication equipment manufacturing, instrument and meter manufacturing, and automotive electronics manufacturing.

1.Free combination of preheating module, you can choose any diversified combination of hot air and infrared preheating. The maximum transport capacity of the guide rail throughout the whole process is up to 60KG to meet the demand of heavy product production.

2.Flux nozzle adopts stepping motor drive to ensure uniform flux coating. Modular design of spraying system, nozzle is always vertical guide rail to ensure good flux penetration into PCB.

3.Fast heavy-duty plug with drag chain protection, more safe and reliable.

4.Win 7 operating system, using humanized design, Chinese and English interface can be switched online at will, easy to use.

5.Equipped with a full titanium chamber as standard for durability in a lead-free environment. 1/2HP high power wave motor with a maximum wave height of 15mm for flat waves.

6.Low tin dross oxidation, new wave spout design. Tin furnace with automatic in and out lifting function.

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