KY-N300 Practical Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine

Machien size 3600mm(L)*1250mm(W)*1650mm(H)
PCB board width Within Max 300mm
PCB conveyor height 750±20mm
PCB conveyor speed 0-1800mm/min
Suitable solder type Leaded / Lead-free

Mainly used in industries such as electronics manufacturing, communication equipment manufacturing, instrument and meter manufacturing, and automotive electronics manufacturing.

Control system: Industrial touch screen+PLC+SSR control, man-machine dialogue function, with functions such as parameter setting, function operation, production counting, economical intelligent welding function.

Transportation system: The clause adopts a turbo-worm structure. The adjustment is stable, accurate and convenient. Synchronous board connection, the guide rail adopts a special process design to prevent the guide rail from deformina. Titanium alloy transport claws, reinforced wear-resistant stainless steel imitating deformation device. Titanium claws are automatically tensioned without deformation.

Spray system: The spray system is controlled by an SMC cylinder and the spray speed is automatically adiusted with the width of the PCB and the transportation speed. Imported high-density nozzles are used to ensure the uniformity of the spray. Optional flux recovery system to ensure environmental protection and health.

Solder furnace: lead-free furnace chamber, long life and high thermal stability. Adopt patented nozzle design, oxidation ≤ 2kg (8h), suitable for Sn/Ag/Cu, Sn/Cu and other kinds of lead-free solder soldering process, unique dross collection design, easy maintenance, tin furnace temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃. The wave adopts infinitesimal frequency speed regulation and delayed start design to make the wave start more smoothly and the wave more flat.

Preheating system: Preheating system adopts hot air circulation preheating structure, modular design, precise temperature control, can meet the lead-free process curve of single-layer or multi-layer board with jig, drawer type design, more convenient maintenance

Cooling system: using forced air cooling, high-power fan design, cooling rate up to 4-6℃/s

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