KY- Z330 Cross-line full-page coating machine

Machine size 1330mm(L)*900mm(W)*1740mm(H)
PCB size Max: 330mm(W)
PCB component height Max: 70mm
Glue valve type One small atomization spray valve

1. Control part: touch screen plus PLC control, simple programming, easy operation, operation software is self-developed, easy maintenance. When programming the work program, the operator can adjust the height of the gun according to the height of the components on the PCB board, and set the spraying range arbitrarily according to the different size of the PCB board shape. No workpiece spraying can be dipped in the glue gun, which can effectively prevent the glue gun and glue tube from clogging due to the drying of glue.
2. Frame part: the frame is made of full sheet metal bending design, sturdy and durable; the sheet metal is finished by electrostatic powder spraying and baking powder technology, which is beautiful and easy to clean.
3. Working part: motor driven synchronous belt drives the movement of the working part, more stable and more precise. The upper and lower working part of the glue gun is fixed and can be manually adjusted in height. Spray gun using high-precision large fog spray gun or small fog spray gun, the width of the spray width adjustable.
4. Conveying part: conveying direction from left to right direction conveying (optional right to left), power using electronic speed control motor with gearbox, transport speed range of 0-3.5 m / min; self-developed conveying line aluminum convenient, beautiful, conveying method for the chain drive, conveying width can be linear guide manual adjustment, adjustment accuracy is higher, adjustment range of 50-450 mm, chain with stopper plus Long pin stainless steel chain.
5. Glue pressing device: 10-liter glue storage barrel with manual stirring function.
6. Soaking device: using ordinary stainless steel cup, clever design, easy to replace.

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