KY-IR2 Curing Furnace

Machine size 2000mm(L)*950mm(W)*1300mm(H)
PCB size Max: 450(W)mm*450(L)mm
PCB component over board height Max: 70mm
Control method Touch screen control

1. Control part: button control, simple, convenient and easy to understand;

2. Frame part: the rack is designed and made of high-grade aluminum profile sealed galvanized plate, strong and durable. Sheet metal using electrostatic powder spraying and baking powder technology to complete, beautiful, easy to clean.

3. Conveying part: the power adopts motor with reducer box, transport speed 0-6m/min; self-developed conveying line aluminum is convenient and beautiful, conveying method is chain drive, conveying width can be manually adjusted, the adjustment accuracy is higher, the adjustment range is 50-450mm. Chain with stopper extension pin stainless steel chain, conveying method is divided into in-line type and straight line type.

4. Detection part: the equipment comes with lighting, the equipment comes with fluorescent lamps, can detect UV glue and other liquids with fluorescent agents.

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