KY-C32 Selective coating machine

Machine size 1000mm(L)*1300mm(W)*1700mm(H)
Upper transfer height 900±20mm
Conveyor rail width 50-450mm
Three-axis drive mode Servo motor + precision screw module
Number of glue valves 1 small atomization + 1 dispensing valve

1. X/Y/Z three-axis motion accurately realizes selective coating process for various circuit boards avoiding non-coating areas such as connectors.
2. Accurately realize selective area coating of various circuit boards.
3. Multi-track coating such as dot coating, line coating, and curve coating can be realized, and high-density complex circuit board coating process can be completed.
4. can effectively and uniformly coat the edges of the device, can eliminate the shadow effect of spraying, with high-speed, reliable, high stability of the transmission and control system.
5. The standard equipment carries two nozzles at the same time, and these two nozzles can realize automatic switching and coordination of spraying action, which can realize high-density and complex circuit board coating process. 6.
6. precision nozzle stability, good flow rate adjustment, can achieve reliable and uniform coating.
7. programming mode: software program with data input automatic programming. Handle manual input any track automatic programming mode.

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