KY-460B Online intelligent selective dispensing coating machine

Machine size (L*W*H) 1100*1200*1600mm
Type Online
Width-adjustment speed 250mm/min
Transport speed 70-2400mm/min
Maximum substrate thickness 8mm
  1. Adopt high precision sealing module to isolate the corrosion of mist on precision screw and slide rail.
  2. Professional control card and high quality motion configuration system lay a solid foundation for high speed and high precision operation.
  3. The control software is self-developed coating software combined with the environment of the industry’s customer requirements for multiple coating processes.
  4. Fast speed and stable operation.
  5. Flexible multi-axis control, which can realize complex and difficult coating.
  6. Powerful process control capability ensures high coating quality and consistency.
  7. Independent paint container barrel and equipped with exhaust gas discharge port, effectively reducing the emission of irritating odor.
  8. Spraying valve is made by German technology, atomization fan size, width and narrow adjustable.
  9. Equipped with automatic soaking and automatic spitting device, which can eliminate the blockage of the glue valve outlet.
  10. Automatic cleaning device for the glue valve.
  11. Equipped with internal violet light detection.
  12. Multi-functional carrier to fix the product.
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