KY-380 Offline Double Side Curved Cutting Machine

Machine size 1370(L)*1520(W)*1400(H)mm
Effective cutting size 400*500mm
Cutting function Stamp hole,bridge and arc,etc..
PCB cutting thickness 0.3-3.0mm
Dust collector size 665(L)*635(W)*1610(H)mm


1.Automatic MARK positioning correction system, moving path display tracking, automatic focus more correct function, higher cutting accuracy, to meet higher precision products.
2. Automatic alignment correction function, higher cutting accuracy, as long as the PCB is placed within the range of 80mm2, the machine vision can automatically route correction, relaxing the operator’s requirements for accuracy when placing the board, greatly improving work efficiency.
3. Using two mobile platforms as PCB exchange up and down substrate devices, can effectively reduce the machine idle time, and thus achieve higher production efficiency, production capacity increased to 3 to 4 times of manual depaneling.

Item KY-380
Effective cutting size 400*500mm
Cutting function Stamp hole,bridge and arc,etc..
Machining table Double side
Cutting accuracy ±0.05mm
Repeat repeat positioning Accuracy ±0.01mm
Maximum moving speed X,Y1,Y2 axis:1000mm/s, Z1,Z2 axis:800mm/s
Tool change mode Manual tool change
Spindle speed Max:60000rpm
Tool monitoring Automatic tool sinking,tool breaking,sliding tool detection,automatic tool height correction function
Cutting speed 5-100mm/s adjustable
PCB cutting thickness 0.3-3.0mm
Program teaching method The whole plate jigsaw puzzle, picture drawing line teaching
Control method PC precision six asix control system
X,Y1,Y2,Z axis drive method Panasonic A6 series servo drive
Suitable for milling cutter size 0.8-3.0mm
Host power specification AC220V 50/60Hz single phase
Machine size 1370(L)*1520(W)*1400(H)mm
Machine weight 700KG
Dust collector power 2.2KW
Dust collector power supply specification AV380V Three-phase
Dust collector size 665(L)*635(W)*1610(H)mm
Dust collector weight 155KG
Dust collection mode Lower dust collection/ Upper dust collection (optional)

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