KY-350FB Suction Machine

Item KY-350FB
Applicable PCB size 50*50-400*350mm
Machine size 500mm(L)*850mm(W)*1250mm(H)
Machine weight 150KG


  1. Mainly used in SMT production line(or coating line), the PCB opposite operations to turn 180 degrees,with functions of automatic flap.
  2. PLC control system, touch screen operation interface, the standard of the SMEMA signal port.
  3. Motor positioning precision,smooth rolover type frame structure.
  4. Optional left to right, right into the left out or straight pattern.
Item KY-350FB KY-460FB
Applicable PCB size 50*50-400*350mm 50*50-530*460mm
Machine size 500mm(L)*850mm(W)*1250mm(H) 600mm(L)*960mm(W)*1350mm(H)
Machine weight 150KG 170KG

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