KY-350 Online PCBA Water-based Brush Cleaning Machine

Machine size 2750mm(L)ร—1100mm(W)ร—1100mm(H)
Operation surface height About 750mm
Texture of material SUS304 All stainless steel
Machine weight About 650KG

Mainly used in military, aviation, aerospace electronics, medical, automotive new energy, automotive power supply board single-sided solder joints, coated products and high-end precision products, multi-species, high-volume PCBA board cleaning, can effectively clean DIP / THT PCBA soldering surface residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux, no-clean flux / solder paste and other organic, inorganic pollutants.

  1. Visualization of the whole process: the cleaning room is equipped with visualization window, cleaning process is clear at a glance, fully automatic cleaning mode: the use of chain claw rail transmission, smooth and efficient, automatic disc brush, rolling brush process.
  2. The most scientific cleaning design: using a combination of rolling brush and disc brush, completely solve the cleaning blind area, rolling brush and disc can be removed.
  3. cleaning built-in filter device can realize the solvent recycling, reduce the amount of solvent.
  4. comprehensive cleaning system: compatible with running water or chemical cleaning, for the surface residual water-soluble flux, solder paste and other organic, inorganic pollutants for thorough and effective cleaning.
  5. The body of the village quality: the overall stainless steel body, resistant to acid, alkaline and other cleaning solutions.
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